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Non Profit

You have a special heart for managing a nonprofit organization, and we have a special heart for nonprofits. Fund accounting, the accounting for nonprofits, is not like a for-profit organization’s accounting system. That’s why you’ll need tax professionals who know nonprofit taxes

We work with nonprofits of all types: charitable organizations that help people, animals, the environment, or the arts, NGOs (non-governmental organizations) that provide development, disaster aid, or relief, professional associations, university foundations, hospital foundations, homeowners associations, advocacy groups, civic organizations, chambers of commerce, hobby clubs, fraternities and sororities, country clubs, business leagues, and sports leagues.

We offer:

  • Financial report preparation, including assistance in understanding your reports
  • Budgeting support
  • Donor management, tracking, and reporting
  • Grant management, tracking, and reporting
  • Tax return preparation and planning
  • And more depending on your specific financial needs

Complimentary Consult

Please give us a call or email us to schedule a free consult to discuss your nonprofit accounting needs.